Office Manager & Organizational Backbone

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Anna is Sequoya's Polish headquarters' Office Manager and an administrative dynamo with an intimate understanding of departments across the board. Thanks to Anna's diverse professional career, she has deep knowledge across departments enabling Anna to be the backbone of the Sequoya organization. Anna thrives operating across disciplines and acting as a conduit between departments, prioritizing & coordinating.

Prior to Sequoya, Anna's career path has lead her in roles as Payroll Specialist, in HR and even in sales & customer service, roles at which Anna has both enjoyed and excelled in each case.

At Sequoya she coordinates the flow of operations maintaining good relations with clients and co-workers alike, while directly supporting the CEO and COO in key areas like HR and AC / AP . Her interdisciplinary insight into various organizational departments is felt by colleague's from all departments through the company's growth and maturity stages.

Anna is a certified auditor for Internal Integrated Management Systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PN-N / OHSAS 18001. Anna a graduate of the Cracow Pedagogical University and holds a master's degree Geography and Environmental Protection.

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